Inclinometer is an instrument for measuring degrees of slope of an object that is affected by gravity. In general, inclinometer is used in various ways of measurement such as the gradient of acceleration direction caused by airplane or the slope of airframe on the ground. This inclinometer can measure both inclines and declines. The inclinometer model GV-2402 uses for monitoring of ground movements caused by tunneling, of land sliding profile range, or of deflection of retaining wall. This inclinometer is handy to carry as well.


Tiltmeter is an instrument for measuring degrees of small changes from horizontal level on the ground. Widely, a tiltmeter is used for observing volcanoes, small movements of potential landslides, and predicting eruptions in the profile of a mountain. This tiltmeter model GV-2401 is in common use for observing bridge and inclination of concrete dam, leveling of industrial equipment and measuring slope of small movements. Also, this tiltmeter is useful and easy to handle; minimized drift signal, excellent linear output, and covered by waterproof coated aluminum case.

Inclinometer Casing

Inclinometer casing is grooved pipe used in inclinometer installations. The inclinometer casing also provides access for the inclinometer probe that helps to obtain subsurface measurements of tilt. Especially, ABS inclinometer casing is used according as Digitilt inclinometer sensor. The inclinometer casing model GV-2402 is good at measuring stability during site excavation, observing lateral ground movement in land slide sections, and searching the shear planes in earth fill dams.

Vibrating wire piezometer

Vibrating wire piezometer is a small-diameter observation for measuring the pressure of a fluid at a specific area in a column. The vibrating wire piezometer converts water pressure to a tensioned steel wire, a frequency signal, and an electromagnetic coil. Also, the vibrating wire piezometer is accurate and easy to read. The vibrating wire piezometer model GV-2407 is widely spread for measuring ground water elevations and water pressure in road construction, pipe lines, and boreholes. Some features of the vibrating wire piezometer are for monitoring surface water run-off and encroachment of salt water into fresh water aquifers, and for controlling water pressure during consolidation by constant observation.

Vibrating wire strain gage

Vibrating wire strain gage is an effective and reliable instrument for measuring strain and stress. The vibrating wire strain gage model GV-2405 applies on monitoring deep excavations, observing steel strain, and measuring concrete strain. Characteristics of the vibrating wire strain gage are waterproof construction, stainless steel construction, temperature reading together, removable coil and magnet, arc weldable installation, and stable frequency signal output.

Magnetic extensometer

Magnetic extensometer is for monitoring settlement and heaving in excavations, dams, and foundations. Also, the magnetic extensometer is installed in boreholes or fills to observe settlement. The magnetic extensometer model GV-2413 applies on pre-consolidation of soft soils, landfill sites, embankments vertical displacement monitoring, and subsidence. This magnetic extensometer model is greatly used for stable magnetic field for long term project, high spring legs on spider magnet, inserting many magnets a sensor, and possibly combining with inclinometer tube for 3 axis movement determination.

Data logger

Data logger is an electronic device for recording and measuring data, such as physical or electrical parameters, over a period of time. The data logger model GV-2415 is used in various ways of application such as vibrating wire sensors, removable screw terminals, stand-alone and real-time data acquisition, easy-to-use, and 10 to 30 universal sensor channels. Commonly, the data logger is used for measuring strain, temperature, current, voltage, force and acceleration.

Water Level Indicator

Geovan water level indicator is supplied on a sturdy winding reel complete with a brake and carrying handle. The moisture resistant electronics and standard 9V battery are housed in the reel hub. This hub can be easily removed to replace the battery or check the electronics without disassembling the entire reel. A two conductor cable of Water Level Indicator serves to both lower the probe and connect the probe to the output circuit board. An insulating gap in the probe serves as a switch, closing upon contact with the water. This signaling contact with the water. Elevation of the water table is then read directly from the tape. Since the water acts as the electrolyte, a sensitivity adjustment is provided to compensate for varying conductivity. Geovan water level indicator¡¯s tape length is 50m and 100m.

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