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 CEO Greetings
CEO Greetings

Welcome to the website of Don-A GEOVAN Co., Ltd.

The company, a manufacturer providing solutions to measuring sensors for construction safety and unmanned automatic data collection, has accumulated know-how over the years and conducted technology research over and over again performing real-time data collection.

That ultimately helped achieve cost reduction through process innovation, measurement, collection and the data analysis of stored information, and immensely contribute to prevent various negligent accidents.

Also, the company implemented quality control system based on the strict standard of ISO 9001 and 14001, always paying full attention to quality management. ?

Some of our main products include inclination sensors for inclination measurement, length sensors for displacement measurement, and pressure sensors for pressure measurement, and also we provide automatic date collecting and storing devices to gain information by integrating sensors.

? Besides the developing of customized products appropriate to industrial settings is under way and we will always carefully listen to the voice of customers so that we could try our best to supply the products meeting the demands of customers on time.

The loyalty of us towards customers will never change
Thank you very much.
CEO Youn, Ryong-soo

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